Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Voice journey

so if you dont know from my facebook. I have been going to Burbank for the past 2 Tuesdays to see The Voice. It is a show on NBC with amazing talent!!! Ive been lucky enough to be able to build a friendship with 2 girls on the show...aka. Taylor and Tori Thompson. I have created their Official Facebook Fan Page. So 2 weeks ago i went to see them for the first time perform on the show. This was also the first time i had met them :) they sang "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"...this was not a first choice i would have picked for them but they still did amazing. After the show i got to say a quick Hi to them and then talk to their mom and dad for a little bit :)

Last week I was able to go back once again and see them. This time it was to see if they would make it to the semi finals on the show. I saw their mom before the show started for a quick second. From where i was sitting i was not able to see much at all. So when Taylor and Tori did not make it through all i was able to see was them walking off. That night i had come home and was able to watch the show before i had gone to bed... Lets just say it was so much harder watching it on tv after.

To Taylor and Tori...
Thank you so much for letting me run the Fan Page and to be able to be your friends. 8 years ago i remember waiting for American Juniors to come on every week to watch you both. Tori your version of Let er Rip was beyond amazing. Taylor you did Proud Mary proud lol. following you guys on youtube when you started to post videos was great seeing you guys back on some type of screen lol. You both have grown into such Beautiful young Ladies...even though The Voice is over...your journey as singers is not over. You both are starting another chapter in your amazing lives...Thank you so much of the birthday pictures 6 years ago and for my new one this year :)

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