Thursday, June 9, 2011

the start of the book writting...

what i thought was going to be an easy process is turning out to be harder than i though. So far i have written bits and pieces of it here and there. But at times i have written a whole page and deleted it all just beacuse i dont like the way it sounds. So i have decided to start off with wrritng down the chapters and names of each chapters. Its kinda hard to think of tittles when there is several that need to be broken into diffrent time periods in my life.

Right now i am thinking of trying to find a publisher or editer person what ever they are to really help me out on this journey. This weekend i will be working on getting titles written out and starting each chapter.

OHHH also this weekend is filled with me doing so much. My best friend is finally turning 20 so i get to go visit her and then tuesday i will be in burbank all day because i am going to go see The Voice live...

thats my fav artist on team CeeLo :) cant wait

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