Saturday, January 8, 2011

sleeping disorder

so by the time i post this it will be past 1am...and for a while now my sleep habbits if you would like to call it that have been so hard to deal with...first i used to be able to go to bed by 130am and now im up till like 5am everyday...this is TORTURE!!!! i hate it so the time i am goin to bed my parents are waking up...i know this for a fact cuz i can smell the coffee and thats when i am finally tired enough to go to then my parents wake me up at like 9 am...that has been hard cuz i have not had enough sleep and its driving me crazy...literally i end up waking up on my own around 1-2pm!!!this has been happening since before october not as bad as it is righ now but it has just gotten worse...

this is how my night time goes
12- finally laying in bed...watching tv on the computer
130-turning everything off and trying to settle down in bed
2-back to bein wide awake
230-turn tv back on...
330 feelin tired again..turn everything off and hope to sleep
4-try reading to make me sleepy
430-finally tired fall asleep somewhere between 430-5

this is NOT NORMAL at all!!! i am beyond tired of it all...i go to the dr on tuesday to try and see wat the heck is wrong with me...cuz idk how much longer i can deal with this...i need my sleep!!!!!

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