Monday, December 27, 2010

enjoying my 12 days of Christmas

so today is day 3 on the 12 days of Christmas...and this is my most fav season ever...

Our Christmas season begings Christmas eve in my house...all of us cousins gather at my house and we open our gifts at midnight...the day started as any other busy day in our stuff, making the food, making sure everything is just right...i had to clean my room and bathroom before anyone came down and before i could do anything really...i finished early and had the rest of the day to relaz till people came down... at 7:30pm i went to mass and i got to alter was prob one of the highlights of my night...even though i messed up on the bells it was just amazing to serve and be there...after mass i came home and all the family was already there...i love being around with all my cousins and cathing up and seein then...since we only really see them on holidays or a few times during summer its nice to all get together...zack as always was the one to count us down till midnight...

we all sat around the tree and were ready to open gifts...this year was extra sepcial since Nick (my nephew) was awake and so excited to open his gifts...this was also the first year he really knew what to do and what was happening...helping him open his gifts and seeing how excited he was was extra special..these are moments with him that ill always hold onto..this year for Christmas i got a Nook and my Guitar...i cant wait to learn how to play...we all went to bed around 230 finally...even Nick was up this late and i thought he would sleep in late but he was up bright and early

Christmas day we were all lazy we opened our stockings and watched movies and my Nina set up nicks gifts so he could play with them later in the day when he got back to our house...when Nick got back home from his moms he gave me my gifts...his 4th birthday picture in a fame and ready to be put up in my room...he is my lil buddy and it was such a perfect gift...i miss him soo much but ill see him soon we get him again this week :)... CHRISTMAS IS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT THE GIFTS THOUGH...often we forget that it was the day JESUS was born!!! its a day to remeber what matters most and for me where my faith is now being back at church for 2 years...Jesus was born on Christmas day and it is the reason why we have this amazing month is my birthday and school starts as also hoping to do a few amazing things that i cant wait to share with you all...but for sure i want to go to Diseyland for my birthday :)

**for more picturs from Christmas click here **

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