Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Voice journey

so if you dont know from my facebook. I have been going to Burbank for the past 2 Tuesdays to see The Voice. It is a show on NBC with amazing talent!!! Ive been lucky enough to be able to build a friendship with 2 girls on the show...aka. Taylor and Tori Thompson. I have created their Official Facebook Fan Page. So 2 weeks ago i went to see them for the first time perform on the show. This was also the first time i had met them :) they sang "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"...this was not a first choice i would have picked for them but they still did amazing. After the show i got to say a quick Hi to them and then talk to their mom and dad for a little bit :)

Last week I was able to go back once again and see them. This time it was to see if they would make it to the semi finals on the show. I saw their mom before the show started for a quick second. From where i was sitting i was not able to see much at all. So when Taylor and Tori did not make it through all i was able to see was them walking off. That night i had come home and was able to watch the show before i had gone to bed... Lets just say it was so much harder watching it on tv after.

To Taylor and Tori...
Thank you so much for letting me run the Fan Page and to be able to be your friends. 8 years ago i remember waiting for American Juniors to come on every week to watch you both. Tori your version of Let er Rip was beyond amazing. Taylor you did Proud Mary proud lol. following you guys on youtube when you started to post videos was great seeing you guys back on some type of screen lol. You both have grown into such Beautiful young Ladies...even though The Voice is over...your journey as singers is not over. You both are starting another chapter in your amazing lives...Thank you so much of the birthday pictures 6 years ago and for my new one this year :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

the start of the book writting...

what i thought was going to be an easy process is turning out to be harder than i though. So far i have written bits and pieces of it here and there. But at times i have written a whole page and deleted it all just beacuse i dont like the way it sounds. So i have decided to start off with wrritng down the chapters and names of each chapters. Its kinda hard to think of tittles when there is several that need to be broken into diffrent time periods in my life.

Right now i am thinking of trying to find a publisher or editer person what ever they are to really help me out on this journey. This weekend i will be working on getting titles written out and starting each chapter.

OHHH also this weekend is filled with me doing so much. My best friend is finally turning 20 so i get to go visit her and then tuesday i will be in burbank all day because i am going to go see The Voice live...

thats my fav artist on team CeeLo :) cant wait

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Start of the Blog

Although i have posted a few blogs on here already. I am now making an effort to really blog n get this thing going. For a while now i have been debating if i wanted to write a book or just see about getting my poetry published. So now is the time. I think i am finally at a place in my life where i am able to sit down think about certin event and just write. Ill be blogging about how the writting progress is going, as well as life in general ohh and church too.

The summer is finally here and i want to start something and not give up on it. Hope you all come with me on this journey and in some way just be supportive :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

reflecting on Holy week and Easter Sunday

this post could be long and never ending so im gonna just break it up into a brief detail of the week...

Holy Thursday: well i was a lil scared for Thursday...i was asked to do the washing of the i have seen this done before but never have i dont an alter server im used to being on the alter and helping out as much as i am needed...but to sit down for the first time and have my feet washed was a bit Fr. Pat washed my feet i realized just how special it was to have him do this...this also has prepared me for the rest of Holy week and it got me realizing how amaizng this would all be

Good Friday: i alter served good Friday with Emily, Hayle and Bianca...this was the first Holy Mass i have was deff a special mass (kinda long i forget how long Holy masses are)...kissing the cross this year had a whole diffrent meaning then normal for me...

Easter Vigil: what an emotional day...seeing all the RCIA kids recieve all their sacrements and become catholic was amazing...i cried smiled and laughed all in the same was soo amazing to see those kids go fav momemnt of that night was after the mass and seeing Riley...i tapped her shoulder and she turned around and gave me a huge hug...i could tell how happy she was and how great she was feeling...

Easter Sunday: ot much to say about that day...i served mass that mornig and then went out to brunch and after we came home i slept and thats all i did

Friday, January 28, 2011

wanting him to be my everything

so recently ive kinda been distant from everyone and everything...ive realized im hardly on my facebook anymore...and i have not talked to my friends as often as i used to...ive kinda pushed everyone away...

at church ive not been able to sit down inside and just listen and be there...i end up leaving to sit outside and kinda be alone...its like im at church but im not...lately ive gone through the motions of being there but not really fully aware of what is happening..if anyone asked me what was mass about or any of the readings i would look at them and not know what to say in reply...

im not at rcia anymore and i have not been reading my bible, going to adoration or anything...i need GOD in my life more than ever right now and for some reason i dont feel my faith like i used to...its like its drifint away...i need him to be my everything again...

"Lord I get so tired
Of the struggle within
I settle in complacency
And I;m weighed down in my sins

So lead me past emotion
'Cause they change with the wind
I want to be a true disciple
To daily choose your hand"

im tired of giving up on things i want to be whole emotions have been really bad lately...ive cried for no reason at night when no one is around...idk why i cry or what im crying for...but i just cry...i really really want to be his disciple and lead people like i was led to him...i choose his hand to do his work and be the best person for him that i can be...

its been 2 years and 3 months since ive been back at church and ive done alot in that hoping and praying that this is a lil bump im my journey with HIM that i will overcome and become closer to him and grow even more...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Finding time for HIM...

so recently i have found myself kinda distant from people and things i used to always i never text my friends as much as i used to and i dont make time to just center myself...i used to always do a daily bible read and i was at one part making note to say a rosary at least once a week...but all that just drifted away...i know im a lil late on starting this for the new year but im gonna make more time for GOD and recenter my life...

sommetimes as church on sundays or when i alter serve i feel like im just going through the motions but never really doing mass...soo im gonna make an effort to find out why i have been like this and refocus on what i have be en gonna start a daily bible read...and read it once or twice a day and trying to jounral or focus about it...maybe ill post it on here im not sure yet... but i hope for this to be a good change...
starting tomorrow im changing my ways and letting GOD take over


Saturday, January 8, 2011

sleeping disorder

so by the time i post this it will be past 1am...and for a while now my sleep habbits if you would like to call it that have been so hard to deal with...first i used to be able to go to bed by 130am and now im up till like 5am everyday...this is TORTURE!!!! i hate it so the time i am goin to bed my parents are waking up...i know this for a fact cuz i can smell the coffee and thats when i am finally tired enough to go to then my parents wake me up at like 9 am...that has been hard cuz i have not had enough sleep and its driving me crazy...literally i end up waking up on my own around 1-2pm!!!this has been happening since before october not as bad as it is righ now but it has just gotten worse...

this is how my night time goes
12- finally laying in bed...watching tv on the computer
130-turning everything off and trying to settle down in bed
2-back to bein wide awake
230-turn tv back on...
330 feelin tired again..turn everything off and hope to sleep
4-try reading to make me sleepy
430-finally tired fall asleep somewhere between 430-5

this is NOT NORMAL at all!!! i am beyond tired of it all...i go to the dr on tuesday to try and see wat the heck is wrong with me...cuz idk how much longer i can deal with this...i need my sleep!!!!!